Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christie's blowout approval rating

A new Farleigh Dickinson poll of New Jersey voters gives Chris Christie a 55%/35% approval rating for an impressive +20%.

Other numbers:

a. Christie's approval rating with indies is a mind-blowing 65%/23% which gives him a net positive of +42% with the crucial demo.

b. Men give him a +29% rating, while women give him a +11% number.

c. More residents think he's primarily interested in "governing well" (47%) than "making a name for himself" (41%).

That's big, because often residents sour on homestate politicians the more national they become. Christie is clearly fending off that phenomenon.

d. In perhaps the most ringing endorsement of his job, Jerseyans are now far more optimistic about the direction of the state than Americans are about the country.

49% of New Jersey voters say the state is moving in the right direction, while 40% say it's moving in the wrong direction.

OVERALL: For months and months, people have warned that Christie's act is wearing thin, but there's precious little to back that up.

Last week, Newart Mayor Cory Booker hinted that he might run for governor, but I think Senate is much more likely and, if he were to run for governor, it would probably be after Christie's presumed second term.

No one wants to challenge Christie with numbers like these. Even Jim Cantore is sometimes, like, "Okay hurricane, I'm getting in the van, I'm getting in the van."