Thursday, August 2, 2012

Obama solid in New Jersey, but Christie more popular

A new Farleigh Dickinson poll shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney in New Jersey, 49%-36%.

The state will easily go blue, but it's notable that the president has trouble getting to 50% in both the head-to-head number and his job approval rating, as well, which stands at 49%/41%.

Those underwhelming numbers reflect the state's sense of gloom about the country. Only 33% think the country is on the right track, while 54% say it's on the wrong track.

That's markedly different from Jerseyans feelings about their own state. A Farleigh poll yesterday showed 49% though their state was moving in the right direction and only 40% thought it was headed on the wrong direction.

Finally, here's an interesting stat: Chris Christie has a 65%/23% approval rating with independents. Barack Obama's? 40%/43%. That means Christie is a net 45% stronger with indies.