Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Priebus: Obama is behind Reid attacks

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus continued to attack Harry Reid last night on Fox News for speculating that Mitt Romney might not have paid taxes for ten years.

But this time, Priebus pointed the ultimate finger at Barack Obama.

"We are not going to get pushed around by these baseless accusations that the president's behind.

I mean, the president is behind this. All he has to do is say to Harry Reid, 'You know what, cut this garbage out. This is not what I'm about. This is not what I campaigned on in 2008'.

The problem is this president isn't who he said he was, and all of this is going to come unraveled."

White House press secretary had mixed messaging on the issue yesterday. While he claimed that Reid spoke for himself on the matter, he nevertheless indulged the controversy by pointing out that Romney's late father released more tax returns than Mitt.

If you remember, Reid started making the tax accusations last week based on an anonymous source and nothing else -- a charge that the independent fact checker Politifact called "extreme" with "nothing solid to back it up."

On Sunday, Priebus told ABC that Reid was a "dirty liar" and on Monday said he'd "triple-down" on the claim.