Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Romney TV ad slams Obama on welfare

Mitt Romney has a new TV spot out, accusing Barack Obama of gutting Bill Clinton's welfare reform.

Two things:

a. Welfare is nearly always a good issue for the GOP, and this might be a particularly fruitful avenue for Mitt. According to a recent poll, more voters view Obama as extreme than Romney. A discussion about welfare might help accentuate those differences and feed into the damaging narrative that Obama is simply a tax-and-spend liberal at a time when concerns about the deficit are significant.

b. The Romney campaign, yet again, uses Clinton as an Obama foil in a TV ad.

By my count, this is the FOURTH time a Clinton has shown up in an ad from Romney or one of his allies (see here, here, and here for the other examples), proving that, right now, there really is no more coveted political name than "Clinton".

UPDATE: First Read makes a good point -- Obama's plan on welfare is to give states more responsibility in handling welfare, which theoretically, should get Republicans pumped.