Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rudy: At least Clinton had something to run on

A very dapper Rudy Giuliani on Fox News today, putting Bill Clinton's reelection run and Ronald Reagan's in the same sentence.

"I mean, this is an extraordinary reelection campaign. I've never seen a president run for reelection.

You know, Clinton ran on welfare reform, producing 100,000 cops on the street; Reagan ran on Morning in America.

He's running on: 'Gee, I haven't been president for the last four years, and Romney's a bum'."

You know the Clinton-love from the GOP is reaching epic proportions* when the party starts putting him in sentences with you-know-who.

Here's a question -- twelve years from now, will Barack Obama get Republican love if the GOP faces Cory Booker in a general?

*As I noted on Tuesday, Romney and his allies have used Clinton's words in at least four attack ads on Obama this cycle.