Monday, August 13, 2012

ABC/Washington Post: Ryan gets bounce after pick

A new Washington Post/ABC poll shows a nearly entirely positive shift in Paul Ryan's favor after being selected as Mitt Romney's presidential running-mate.

a. His positive ratings with all voters jumped 15% after being picked, while his negative ratings only jumped 1%. That's a +14% gain.

b. His positive ratings with independents jumped 20%, while his negative rating only rose by 4%. That's a +16% gain.

c. His positive rating with Democrats jumped 10%, but his negative ratings jumped 8%. That's a +2% gain.

d. His positive rating with Republicans jumped 49%, while his negative rating jumped only 1%. That's a +48% gain.

Now, here's the most important number.

e. His positive rating with senior citizens jumped 18%, while his negative rating with seniors didn't jump, at all.

In other words, the initial rush of reports that Ryan's Medicare plan might damage him with seniors hasn't yet borne fruit.

That being said, it's not surprising, at all, that new Veep picks, including Ryan, get a bounce. People magazine and TMZ stories -- not to mention the new glow of energy a VP brings -- tend to do that.

The big question is whether he can stay on the positive side of the ledger with senior citizens.