Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hayes: Romney campaign has reverted to "pre-Ryan moment"

On Fox News, Steve Hayes highlights growing conservative unrest over Mitt Romney's failure to go big and go clear.

"I feel like now we've sort of reverted to this pre-Ryan moment -- this safe, cautious campaign."

He also smartly questions whether Romney's barrage of negative ads on the economy is really worth it.

"People know what bad shape the country is in. That's why the 'wrong track' is 70% right now.

They don't need more statistics. The statistics aren't going to move voters. They need big arguments and they need an aggressive campaign."

I agree on both counts.

Polls show that voters aren't questioning Romney's claims about the economy, but they do question the claim about himself -- that he alone turn turn things around.

As for the first point Hayes makes, this has been a recurring problem with Romney, stretching back to the primaries. He falls behind; then gets aggressive, big, and bold, and guess what -- he rises!

But once he's risen, he seems to get spooked that he could blow it with one wrong word or position, and he waxes politically cautious at a time when voters are finally starting to dig his strength.