Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poll: Clint trumps Mitt at GOP convention

A new Pew Research Poll shows that slightly more say Clint Eastwood was the highlight of the GOP convention than Mitt Romney.

The rankings:

1. Clint Eastwood 20%

2. Mitt Romney 17%

3. Ann Romney 10%

4. Paul Ryan 9%

5. Marco Rubio 3%

6. Condoleezza Rice and Chris Christie 2%

There's been some debate over whether Mitt Romney got a bounce from the convention (Most polls suggest a small one; Gallup says "none"), but there's no doubt that he got a s bump on some key attributes.

Pew confirms the movement:

Currently, 25% say their opinion of Romney has become more favorable in the past few days, up from 18% during the week before the GOP convention (Aug. 23-26). There has been a comparable decline in the percentage saying their views have become less favorable (from 26% to 20%).

The most striking bounce, though, came from CNN internals yesterday that got lost in the buzz over the Democratic convention.

Romney actually jumped ahead of Obama on favorables, led among independents by 10%, and led on measures of optimism and leadership.

Until the convention, Obama held routine and sometimes very large leads on favorables, optimism, and leadership.

So even though the overall horse race number changed very little, internals moved significantly in Romney's direction.