Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reed: Evangelical turnout will jump from 2008-levels

Faith and Freedom Coalition founder, Ralph Reed, tells Greta Van Susteren that strong evangelical presence in the "big four" battlegrounds -- Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina -- means conservative Christians will play a bigger role than ever in November.

"In every one of those states, Greta, we believe we're going to be able to increase the evangelical turnout from the 2008 baseline by an average of about 7%, and when that happens, there are going to be a lot of shocked faces in a lot of newsrooms across America."

The New York Times recently had a terrific piece on Reed's effort to turn out evangelicals for Romney -- one backed by sophisticated voter targeting.

In the coming weeks, he says, each of those 17.1 million registered voters in 15 key states will receive three phone calls and at least three pieces of mail.

Seven million of them will get e-mail and text messages. Two million will be visited by one of more than 5,000 volunteers. Over 25 million voter guides will be distributed in 117,000 churches.

And here's a stat for you. According to the Times, in 2008, self-described white, evangelicals made up 26% of the voting electorate.

Now, sure, a lot of those live in southern states that are reliably red, anyway, but there are scores of evangelicals in battleground states like Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa. In what could be a turnout election, Romney needs them in a big way.