Monday, October 8, 2012

Gallup: Romney scored biggest debate win in history

According to a new Gallup poll of those who watched last week's presidential debate, 72% picked Mitt Romney as the winner, while only 20% thought Barack Obama won.

That''s the biggest win in history, exceeding even Bill Clinton's 42% advantage in his townhall debate over George H.W. Bush (the one where Bush checked his watch).

The numbers on Romney vs. Obama reflect those of snap opinion polls.

According to Gallup, Republicans gave him a 95% win over Obama, Independents picked him, 70%-19%, and even Democrats thought Romney won, 49%-39%.

But does that really matter?

Yes, Gallup notes that in the three days following the debate, Romney erased a 5% deficit among registered voters to tie Obama, 47%-47%.

Going forward, everyone expects Obama to do much better in the second debate, but Joe Scarborough made an interesting point this morning.

The second tussle is a townhall debate, and that puts some natural constraints on Obama's ability to attack. Audiences want you to focus on them and their questions for you; not on your opponent. They also expect a more personal affair -- one that's less friendly to being unfriendly.

One more thing to note: This morning marks the fifth since the first presidential debate wrapped up, and Morning Joe is opening yet again with a chat about the debate. That kind of staying power is fairly unprecedented in today's perpetually peripatetic news cycles.