Monday, October 22, 2012

Huckabee: Romney will win Florida

Reflecting growing conventional wisdom (and polls), Florida transplant Mike Huckabee calls his new state for Mitt Romney while chatting on Fox News today.

"Barring something major, he is going to win Florida for four reasons.

First of all, there's been a huge shift in this state in women voters.

.... The second reason is military -- both retired, as well as active duty. It's a huge state for military, and there is incredibly strong support for Mitt Romney.

So what's the ever-quotable Huckabee's third reason?

"The third reason is seniors, which may surprise a lot of people, but I think people who are seniors are smart enough to have gotten where they are, and they understand the balloon juice that's been pushed on by Obama.

.... the final thing? Jewish voters. Romney won't win all the Jewish voters, but he's gaining ground largely due to a very effective effort by a group called 'Secure America Now'."

Romney has led in 9 of 12 Florida polls this month.