Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Observer endorses Romney

Calling him "moderate to the core", the New York Observer's editorial board endorses Mitt Romney tonight, abandoning the paper's 2008 choice, Barack Obama.

Over the last few weeks, Mr. Romney has shown that he is a moderate to his core—he is a manager, and a listener, who believes he can restore the balance between the private and public sectors that has been a hallmark of the American economy.

Four years ago, Barack Obama captured the imagination of many Americans with his thrilling message of change. Given the challenges confronting the president—two raging wars and an unprecedented global economic collapse—the desire for a quick fix was unrealistic.

America supported that candidate (as did this newspaper), but his presidency, so filled with promise and potential, has failed to deliver the change America needs. The Observer endorses Mr. Romney’s candidacy and urges readers to support him.

The op-ed clocks in at nearly 1,800 words, and Dylan Byers notes that the paper is owned by none other than Donald Trump's son-in-law.