Monday, October 22, 2012

Poll: Obama, Romney favorable ratings tied in Ohio

A new Suffolk University poll shows Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied among likely voters, 47%-47%.

But here's the number that stands out -- Obama's favorable rating is 50%/46%, while Romney's favorable rating is 50%/45%.

Throughout the year, Obama has absolutely bludgeoned Romney's personal character in Ohio, and it's been working. Romney's favorable ratings have traditionally been abysmal in the state, thanks to the president's attacks on his personal tax returns, investments, and Bain.

But, at least according to this poll, Romney's favorable rating and Obama's favorable rating have now met.

That's a better fundamental for Romney than even the topline, horse-race number, because it suggests voters are now moving to Romney -- not just because they dislike Obama -- but also because they like Romney. And in Ohio, of all places.