Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wny Tagg Romney is important

Bob Costa writes:

Tagg’s position in Romney World is singular because he doesn’t reside in a specific camp.

Instead, he blends three Romney circles: the political team, the family, and the finance team. He is friendly with top political advisers such as Stuart Stevens and Ed Gillespie, and in interactions with low-level staffers, he is upbeat and professional.

But behind the scenes, when Tagg is alone with his father and mother, he doesn’t speak for any of them. His loyalty lies only with the family, and his father listens closely to his son’s unvarnished observations.

Btw, with less than a month to go to the election, we're in the middle of a Tagg boomlet. There've been no less than three stories where's he's got significant print in the past 24 hours.

McKay Coppins notes today that Tagg wasn't into Tim Pawlenty for Veep, if T-Paw wasn't exactly what his dad wanted.

While many of Romney's strategists in Boston argued for a safer pick — Tim Pawlenty, perhaps, or Rob Portman — Tagg wanted what his dad to get what he wanted. So, he teamed up with Mrs. Romney, and they actively lobbied Mitt to "go with his gut," as one person familiar with the situation put it. The push worked — and from there, Tagg's influence grew.