Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buffalo News endorses Hillary Clinton

Yes, there's been a dearth of newspaper endorsements for the 2016 presidential race, but The Buffalo News steps into the void and fills it.

The paper's op-ed page pumps out an editorial that can only be called an endorsement, considering it urges "the competing factions in national Democratic politics" to "coalesce to make her the nominee".

Hillary 1 Andrew Cuomo 0.

The Buffalo News even manages a shot at the White House's "current occupant" to show it's no respecter of blind partisanship.

We’ve barely finished a bruising, expensive campaign for president, but it’s not too early to be thinking about who would make an excellent candidate for the presidency in 2016 – particularly if there is a conspicuously capable individual already on the political scene.

There is such a candidate, and it should surprise no one that her name is Hillary Clinton.

She would bring vastly more leadership, experience and judgment to the White House, compared with its current occupant.

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Btw, buzz on over to BuzzFeed to read "45 Totally Superficial Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Run for President in 2016."  Love #16 and #17.