Monday, November 26, 2012

Chris Christie running for reelection

The Hill's Alicia Cohn writes:

Chris Christie filed documents to run for reelection as New Jersey governor, according to reports on Monday.

The popular Republican governor has not formally announced his plans to run for reelection, but The Associated Press and CNN confirmed that he filed papers to set his campaign in motion on Monday.

Meanwhile, the RGA's chairman, Bobby Jindal, issued a statement on the news.

“Chris Christie exemplifies the type of results-oriented leadership New Jersey residents expect from their governor. Before Governor Christie took office, Trenton was broken and state government was in disarray. Now, the New Jersey comeback is underway because Governor Christie has shown an ability to achieve major reforms and get things done in a bipartisan manner. He’s closed an $11 billion deficit without a tax hike, capped property taxes and enacted historic education and pension reforms. Thanks to his bold leadership, Governor Christie is well-positioned to secure a second term and continue the progress New Jersey has made since he took office.”

A few things.

1. His Obama-hug now looks smarter, politically. His approval in New Jersey soared on the strength of his hurricane performance (of which the bipartisan hug was significant), even as it angered conservatives, nationally.

It didn't make sense to hug Obama unless he was planning on running for reelection in a blue state. But now Christie can use Obama in much the same way that Obama used Christie.

Of course, Christie didn't endorse Obama and Obama won't endorse Christie, but they each got powerful pictures to use for their own political purposes. 

2. He should coast to reelection unless popular Newark Mayor Cory Booker runs, and even then, Christie would probably win. Popular governors tend to win reelection, no matter their party.

Yeah, Booker is a stud, there's no doubt about that, but part of being a political stud is having good instincts, and a Christie-Booker campaign would just be brutal and could damage Booker's future substantially -- a future that could include a very easy pickup of a Senate seat in 2014.