Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christie approval hits record high

In a new survey, Quinnipiac University pops out some just unbelievable approval numbers for Chris Christie in New Jersey.

72% now approve of the job he's doing, while only 21% disapprove. Sure, it's probably at least partly a sugar high from his handling of the hurricane, but that's a stunning +51% net approval rating in a deeply blue state.

More stunning-ness:

a. Christie's approval rating with Democrats is 52%/39% for +13%.

b. Christie's approval rating with independents is 77%/16% for +61%.

You can win reelection with those numbers...

c. Men and women give him a 75% and 70% approval rating, respectively.

d. Blacks and Hispanics, two heavily Democratic constituencies, give him a 55% and 66% approval rating, respectively.

e. Even, gasp, union households give him a 61%-32% approval rating.


The caveat to all this is that a) approval doesn't necessarily equate to votes, particularly among hardcore Democratic constituencies that approve of Christie right now, and b) these numbers are undoubtedly inflated by the hurricane.

But here's the key number for Christie: 65% say they're somewhat or very satisfied with the way things are going in New Jersey.

When you combine that with Christie's normal approval ratings (the 55%) range, you have an incumbent who's very, very tough to beat, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker -- the only guy with an outside shot of beating Christie, at this point -- reads the same polls we do.