Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Colorado gets more polarized

Compared with 2008, the difference in white and Hispanic vote was kind of mind-blowing.

Whites moved 12% in the GOP's direction in Colorado, while Hispanics moved 15% in the Democratic direction.


2012: Obama 75% Romney 23% (14% of electorate).

2008: Obama 61% McCain 38% (13% of electorate).

In other words, Hispanic turnout just barely increased, but Obama's margin jumped 15%. One possible reason? McCain worked on immigration reform and was better known in the West.

WHITE vote:

2012: Romney 54% Obama 44% (78% of electorate).

2008: Obama 50% McCain 48% (81% of electorate).

White share of the vote declined by 3%, but check out voter preference. Romney did 12% better than McCain with whites and wiped out a deficit to put up a double-digit win.

If Romney couldn't win Colorado after piling up a 10% win with whites.......