Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evening eats

a. Paul Ryan looks back, looks forward. 

b. Marco Rubio turns down the NRSC gig.

c. Gingrich defines the difference between inclusion and outreach.

d. Romney won independents in Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.... but still lost those states.

e. Scott Rasmussen explains his miss.

f. Laura Ingraham thinks Christie might become a (D).

g. Ross Douthat: "The age of Reagan is officially over, and the Obama majority is the only majority we have."

h. Barone looks back.

i. Dick Morris looks back.

j. Mary Matalin looks back.

A reader wrote in last week, thanking this site for the past four years, and said if nothing else, I'd turned him into a Pet Shop Boys fan. High honor.

In the spirit of that, here's a timely B-side.