Monday, November 5, 2012

Gallup: Obama's approval on economy is -14%

Just when things seem to be trending Obama, you get a number like this that makes you wonder if tomorrow is the end for him.

According to Gallup's final poll, only 42% of likely voters approve of Obama's job on the economy, while 56% disapprove of it.

That's an awful -14% on the issue that is, by far, voters' chief concern.

Not surprisingly then, Romney leads Obama on the economy, 52%-46%. That's a pretty solid lead.

In fact, Romney beats Obama in Gallup on the economy, taxes (+2%), and the budget deficit (+9%). In other words, on every measure that's traditionally defined as a fiscal issue, Romney leads.

That's powerful, and makes makes me think of something Jay Cost wrote last week:

I do not know of an election where the electorate was so singularly focused on one set of issues, and the person trusted less on them nevertheless won.

[Photo: White House/Pete Souza]