Monday, November 26, 2012

Hillary: "This really IS an exciting time for data"

The Washington Post has a terrific read on Hillary Clinton's legacy as Secretary of State -- one that includes her continual love for policy both big and small (emphasis added).

In March, Clinton issued a document titled “Promoting Gender Equality to Achieve Our National Security and Foreign Policy Objectives,” which directs the entire department to include women in everything from budget plans to peace negotiations.

Naturally, she backed up the decision with data showing that doing so can advance conflict resolution and unlock economic potential.

“Now, I am sure when you received an invitation to a conference on data you probably thought, ‘Oh, boy, how exciting!’ ” Clinton said to an audience this summer.

“But I think you would agree — this really is an exciting time for data.”

Tell that to Mitt!

Of course the big question out of this and any read is whether the "Walking NGO" (as Bill Clinton once called her) will run for president.