Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jindal continues speaking out on new direction

Bobby Jindal is out with an op-ed for CNN, which essentially reads like his Jonathan Martin interview, except in prose.

His points are repeated -- ideas not identity, 100% not 53% or 47%, the GOP should stop being "the stupid party", the GOP needs to "stop insulting the intelligence of voters", don't be the party of big business/big banks/big anything, look forward not backward.

In short, the kind of things you can say when you're four years from a presidential primary.

You've got to respect the boldness of Jindal and loads of intellectual conservatives, but it's an enormously risky political message, partly because it implies that being "the stupid party" means there's a smart party, and by process of elimination, that means the Democratic party.

Jindal is a good messenger for this message (no one would listen to Jon Huntsman) and has tons of conservative cred; thus, he's got a healthy dose of immunity. But he's got a pretty stinging message to a party that's still emotionally tender from last week. He's not treading on thin ice. But "baby, it's cold outside."