Monday, November 12, 2012

Nuking the narrative

Erick Erickson, rejecting the notion that Republicans need an ideological tweak in the wake of Tuesday's election:

The darndest thing is I’m listening to all this handwringing and most of it is coming from a lot of people who’ve never really been conservative or supported conservatism. These people hated our ideas and values when we were winning and now choose this opportunity to sell us out the way they’ve always wanted. The conservative herd is headed off a cliff led by a consultant class that would otherwise now be swimming in pools full of dollar bills like Scrooge McDuck.

These people would have us believe that we must make fundamental changes to draw in new voters. We must exile social conservatives to bring in young people and single women. We must exile fiscal conservatives to bring in hispanic and black voters. With whatever is left from having exiled both, these geniuses would have us believe the Democrats in whose camp these groups already find themselves will just sit back and let it happen.

The Republican Party will never out Democrat the Democrats. Conservatives will never out liberal Liberals. We should not try.

Translation: The GOP shouldn't let Steve Schmidt take over the party.

So, a couple things regarding Erickson's comments.

Centrists and the left are trying to somehow weave a narrative that Mitt Romney was too far to the right to win.

As Erickson notes, that's utter rubbish. By the time the general election rolled around, Romney was more moderate than he's been since his Massachusetts days (quick example: remember Dodd-Frank and debate #1?).

He lost -- not because voters rejected his vision, but because they didn't think he really had a vision.

In poll after poll, voters torched Mitt for not having a plan to turn the economy around, so if voters didn't think he had a plan, voters couldn't really embrace or reject a plan.

This "GOP needs to tweak its ideology" movement is primarily pushed by those who have everything to gain if Republicans move to the Left -- the Left itself!

After all, any sort of narrative about the GOP needing to move Left benefits the Left, because it implies that the Left is the voice of sanity.

The only ideological tweak the election suggests concerns immigration, and numerous conservatives (from Hannity to Krauthammer) have embraced the tweak.

But, once again, keep in mind who's pushing for this ideological tweak, and then ask if they're really dedicated to the long-term interests of the GOP. Of course, that doesn't mean their advice is wrong; it just means it's encrusted with its own ideological ambitions and should be seen as such.