Tuesday, November 20, 2012

O'Reilly: Romney's GOP critics are dead-wrong

Over the weekend, both George Will and Newt Gingrich bashed Mitt Romney's "gifts" comments (here and here) -- ones that Bill O'Reilly has sympathized with.

On his show last night, O'Reilly took on Will, Gingrich, and the million 2016 presidential possibilities who've unleashed increasingly sharp barbs at Romney over those "gifts" comments.


"Now Mitt Romney's also getting it from the right wing. Conservative George Will called out Romney on Sunday [shows tape of Will claiming that Romney is "despising" the people] 

Mr. Will's pettifogging the issue. It doesn't matter where the entitlements come from. Millions of Americans want them. They want the government to provide.

Newt Gingrich also slammed Romney [shows tape of Gingrich calling Romney's comments "nuts"]. Is the Republican party going to out-entitlement the Democrats?"

O'Reilly then doubled-down on the idea that Obama won by promising gifts (or as Rush Limbaugh has called it, playing Santa Claus).

"Ask yourself a question: what do you think those making less than $30,000/year were voting for?

.... do you think they were voting for massive debt, were they voting for continued chaos in the Middle East, were they voting for more government regulations that inhibit businesses from hiring people, were they voting for 8% unemployment.... no!

Millions of lower income Americans voted for the candidate who they thought was going to directly help them financially."

There's a fascinating, growing divide in the GOP that cuts along the "gifts" line.

On one side, you have Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly -- guys who aren't running for office and have built their empires on saying things that cut against the establishment.

On the other side, you have guys like Bobby Jindal and Republicans directly tasked with growing the party. That requires a very different approach and a very different set of talking points.