Monday, November 26, 2012

Romney's impotent Iowa double

The Sioux City Journal provides another example of Mitt Romney's now infamously ineffectual dependence on late-game TV advertising.

During the campaign's final month, Romney and his allies spent $21.45 million on Iowa TV ads, while Barack Obama and his allies spent just $11.88 million.

Throughout the campaign, pundits continually debated whether a late surge of Romney advertising would really be all that helpful.

In September, Nate Cohn noted:

Even if Romney can leverage his resources effectively, research by political scientists seems to confirm that a large advantage in ad spending only produces minor gains in a presidential election contest, probably because voters will learn quite a bit about the candidates independent from the airwaves. On average, Michael Franz and Travis Ridout found that 1,000 additional advertisements by Obama produced a statistically significant but minor (.5 percent) improvement in Obama's performance.

And, of course, also infamously the Romney campaign didn't lock in buys until later in the process than the Obama campaign which means they spent more for each spot than the Obama campaign.