Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rubio wants piecemeal; not comprehensive immigration reform

Alex Conant, press secretary for Marco Rubio, tells Sunshine State News that his boss thinks incremental reform is best.

“Senator Rubio has always said that the best way to tackle immigration reform is not comprehensively, but sequentially,” he tells the News.

“Rather than trying to pass everything in one big bill that a lot of people are going to find fault with, you pass things one at a time and find some consensus, starting with measures dealing with the children of illegal immigrants. When we get that done, then we can move on to other problems with our system.”

Practically, piecemeal is much more doable, but politically and poetically, it's not as soundbite friendly as "comprehensive immigration reform" (which, of course, is often so comprehensive that it doesn't have a chance at passing, and is just a good political talking point).