Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ryan: Why we lost in Janesville

In a radio interview, Paul Ryan offers a fairly pedestrian but accurate phenomenon for the Romney-Ryan ticket's failure to carry Ryan's home county or home city.

"I’ve always done well here because more people saw me not as a Republican but just as a Janesville guy. When you join the national ticket for a party, you become more seen as a Republican guy than necessarily a Janesville guy. And so, I think my image, or the thought most people had in their mind of me once I joined the Republican ticket was more ‘Paul Ryan, Republican’ than ‘Paul Ryan, Janesville guy'.”

Janesville sits in Rock County, which is heavily Democratic.

In 2008, Obama won the county by 30%, Kerry won it by 16%, Gore won it by 18%, and Clinton won it by 20% in 1996. Obama won the county by 24% last week.

It's important to note that Rock County is but one cog in Wisconsin's first congressional district, which Ryan represents -- a cog that is much more heavily Democratic than the rest of the district.