Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Susana Martinez forges ahead on driver's license reform

As Fox News Latino reports, NM Gov. Susana Martinez is undaunted in continuing her quest to make it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to get a state driver's license (it's currently legal).

Scott Darnell, the press secretary, is quoted in El Paso Times saying that said the election is actually a reason for the governor to forge ahead with her effort to repeal New Mexico licensing of undocumented immigrant drivers.

"Voters defeated the lead opponent of the driver's license repeal -- longtime Senate President Tim Jennings -- along with Sen. (Mary Jane) Garcia, who is another member of Senate Democratic leadership and an ardent opponent of repealing the law," Darnell said, according to the newspaper

And in case you think it's not a problem phenomenon (emphasis added).

Martínez has said that about 35 percent of the calls made to the motor vehicles agency by people wanting to make an appointment to obtain a driver's license come from telephones outside the state.

Before becoming governor, Martinez was the state's attorney general, so this toughness isn't new to her.

Looking at this in the context of a possible 2016 presidential bid, pushes like this could make it easier for national, grassroots activists to make peace with some of her more progressive rhetoric on immigration.