Wednesday, December 12, 2012

68% of Republicans approve of Cuomo's job performance

Just some unbelievable job approval numbers for NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) this morning with 74% of New Yorkers approving of the job he's doing, along with 68% of Republicans.

Your first thought?

This is a sugar high, created by his response to Hurricane Sandy.

But nay, he's hit 70% approval in the last four Quinnnipiac surveys, stretching back to May (he picked up a lowly 68% in April).

He scores high with every demographic: Democrats (82% approval), Republicans (68%), Independents (70%), men (74%), women (73%), whites (73%), and blacks (81%).

One week ago, Siena released a poll showing Cuomo with a slightly lower approval rating, 62%-37%, but once again found conservatives liking the governor, with 62% saying they had a favorable opinion of him.