Thursday, December 13, 2012

A quick case for conventions

Take a look at Barack Obama's job approval rating with Democrats in Gallup surveys in 2012, and you can see how crucial the Democratic convention turned out to be in bringing home the election.

Obama Job Approval with Democrats in 2012:

February: 83.25%

March: 83.75%

April: 84.25%

May: 84%

June: 83.5%

July: 83.4%

August: 83.5%


September: 88.75%

October: 89.75%

November: 92%

In short, pre-convention, Obama's approval with his party in 2012 averaged 83.66%.

Post-convention, it averaged 90.1%.

That's a jump of nearly 7 percentage points.

It's also peaking at the right time, proof that conventions matter, and possibly proof that it might be best to fire up your base at conventions; not necessarily to reach out to independents and undecided voters.

[Photo: White House: Pete Souza]