Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Andrew Cuomo is a governing beast

It's fair to say that Andrew Cuomo is a governing beast, but in a good way.

According to a Siena Research poll, 62% of conservative New Yorkers say they have a favorable opinion of him.

That helps contribute to a 72%-21% overall favorability number. As with Chris Christie's meteoric numbers, that's partially aided by his response to the hurricane, but he's been hitting the 60% region throughout his gubernatorial term, so this is only slightly added sugar.

Meanwhile, Cuomo's job approval rating is 62%/37%, which again, is fairly typical for him.

That being said, only 39% of New Yorkers say he should run for president in 2016, while 49% say he should stay put in the gubernatorial mansion.

Don't read too much into that other than the fact he's a popular, first-term governor. It's somewhat rare for homestate voters to wish their popular, first-term governor on the nation.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is also all kinds of popular. She sports a record 75%-23% favorability rating with New Yorkers (50% of Republicans like here, too), and 54% want her to run for president.