Friday, December 7, 2012

Christie tells Stewart to stop labeling

Part of the loveliness of Jon Stewart's gig is that there's no Jon Stewart to Jon Stewart him.

In other words, he often does what he hammers others for doing -- he assigns cheap labels and extreme stereotypes to his political opponents.

I've heard him defend it before by invoking the but I'm a comic, this is what I do! thing, but Chris Christie was having none of that last night when he stopped by The Daily Show set.

"Most of these labels that are used both seriously and in humor -- on shows like yours.... are not helpful, okay?

And so when we try to categorize people very narrowly -- and you've been trying to do it a little bit with me here -- when you do that, that's divisive, and destructive, and not helpful. It's funny, but it's not helpful to try to get work done."

Point Christie.

Having said that, Christie is sort of an odd guy to appoint as the messenger for the spirit of decorum. 

Here's part 2 of the extended, uncut interview. You can watch parts 1 and 3 here.