Friday, December 28, 2012

Christie's remarkable month continues

Now it's reported that Hoboken, New Jersey Councilman, Ravi Bhalla, a Democrat and possible candidate for Jersey's Assembly, might back Chris Christie.

Bhalla said he has not ruled out endorsing Christie.

"I haven't," he told "I'm not committed to any candidate. I think the governor is a formidable contender right now. The Democrats need a formidable contender. The governor has done great things for Hoboken. He's been an extraordinary partner with Mayor Zimmer. We want to make sure we have a strong relationship with the governor."

Things have gone very well for Christie, as of late.

The good stuff has been both trivial and substantial: Cory Booker decided not to run against him, Steven Spielberg called him a "hero", his approval ratings topped 70%, an e-book suggested that Romney bore no ill-will over his Obama hug, he scored the highest favorable ratings of any '16 GOPer (substantial), sort of laid the smack down on Jon Stewart and won his praise in the process, scored a meeting with Barack Obama while his colleague to the north, Andrew Cuomo, came up without a face-to-face, passed a conservative litmus test by refusing to set up a state-based health exchange, and now finds pockets of support from Jersey Democratic legislators.

All in all, not a bad, first month of the 2016 presidential season.