Monday, December 17, 2012

County chairs in Northwest Iowa like Rubio, Clinton

The Sioux City Journal polls county leaders in heavily-Republican Northwest Iowa to see which candidates party leaders pine for.

Among the potential Republicans candidates, county GOP chairs mentioned Marco Rubio most often, Paul Ryan second, Rick Santorum third, Bobby Jindal fourth, Condi Rice fifth, and Chris Christie sixth.

Among Democratic nominees, it was Hillary at the top, Elizabeth Warren second, Andrew Cuomo third, Martin O'Malley fourth, Sen. Sherrod Brown fifth, and Joe Biden sixth.

Now --- county chairs in northwest Iowa make up an admittedly small sample size, so don't read too much into this.

But... if you are interested in skimming, note that Santorum only manages third place on the GOP side in what should be a stronghold area for him, considering the region's ideology and his history with Iowa. Meanwhile, Rubio's first place finish is a sign that conservative leaders in Iowa are already open to him.

Of course, on the Democratic side, the only interesting result in all these surveys is the second place finisher, considering Hillary dominates everywhere. And on that score, note that Biden is last and Warren, second.

UPDATE: Here's a cool breakdown from the '12 Iowa caucuses, showing Santorum's strength in northwest Iowa. Romney managed to pick off two counties; Santorum won the rest.