Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cuomo readies gun proposals

On Fred Dicker's show this morning, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised to unveil gun control proposals in his January 9 State of the State address.

New York is among the most stringent when it comes to gun control, but it's not enough, the governor said.

"In this state, the assault weapon ban has more holes than Swiss cheese," he said.

....When asked if a special session to consider gun laws would happen before the end of the year, Cuomo said: "I highly doubt it."

Two things.

1. Cuomo plead for the feds do more, because according to Cuomo, state control is only as strong as federal control.

He differs a bit from Hillary Clinton, circa 2008 -- she veered toward the right and seemed quite comfortable with giving states wide latitude in forming gun policy.

2. Cuomo said he owns a shotgun!

Just, as a side-note, that seems to be the hip thing among gun control advocates these days -- to note that you have a gun.

It's somewhat of an immunizing force against concerns that they're bent on confiscating all firearms -- right down to Nerf Blasters.