Thursday, December 27, 2012

Florida insiders pick Jeb over Rubio

The Tampa Bay Times asks Florida insiders (50 Democrats, 57 Republicans, and 9 independents) which local stud -- Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio -- has a better shot at the 2016 nomination (emphasis added).

• 62 percent expect Bush will run in 2016.

• 55 percent doubt Rubio will run in 2016.

• As to who would be the stronger candidate, it wasn't even close: 81 percent said Bush would be stronger.

"Rubio will make 2016 noises and preparations to increase his profile and lay the stage for himself in case Jeb doesn't run. But if Jeb does decide to run, he will step aside, the same way he has said he would have done had Jeb wanted to run for Senate in 2010. Jeb Bush is heads and shoulders above Rubio, literally," one Republican wrote.

Another interesting result?

The overwhelming consensus was that Rubio would step aside if Bush ran.

Maybe, but the longer Rubio stays in the Senate, the more stale his name becomes. Senate lions < Senate ingenues in the grassroots world.