Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hillary movie might be in the works

The screenplay for Rodham is considered one of the top, unproduced scripts in Hollywood right now, notes David Haglund in his conversation with its screenwriter, Young-Il Kim.

He told me that the script begins when Hillary Rodham is selected for the House judiciary committee, and that it ends with the moment that Nixon resigns. During this six or seven month period, Kim told me, Bill Clinton was making his first campaign for political office, running for the U.S. Congress in Arkansas. (He lost.)

Kim said he learned while researching the story that Hillary Rodham “didn’t know whether she wanted to be with Bill or not” at the time, and so the “script focuses on her journey” during this stretch trying to decide whether to join Bill in Arkansas or keep pursuing her career in Washington.

This all happened to take place, Kim pointed out to me, as the Equal Rights Amendment was moving through the state legislatures.