Monday, December 10, 2012

Human Events: Palin has better chance of nomination than Christie

Here's another measure of how angsty some conservatives remain over Chris Christie's bear hug of Barack Obama.

In Human Events' official handicapping of the 2016 race, the conservative mag gives Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum higher chances of winning the nomination than Christie.

Human Events' reasoning:

Christie would have ranked much higher on today’s list if not for his slobbering all over President Obama after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey.

Here's their full list:

1. Paul Ryan 7:1

2. Marco Rubio 8:1

3. Bobby Jindal 11:1

4. Sarah Palin 15:1

5. Jeb Bush 16:1

6. Rand Paul 18:1

7. Bob McDonnell 20:1

8. Rick Santorum 25:1

9. Chris Christie 30:1 

10: Mike Pence 35:1