Thursday, December 27, 2012

Iowa Republican: Hillary isn't qualified to be president

At the conservative, grassroots level, opposition to Hillary Clinton is forming quickly over Benghazi (Susan Rice, who?).

Of course, Hillary Clinton doesn't need grassroots conservatives to win, but sometimes stuff on either ideological end can bleed into the middle -- even if it doesn't gush. And Hillary's four year glide with conservatives might be starting to skid a bit. 

Here's The Iowa Republican today with "Hillary Clinton leaving State Department in Disgrace."

Three and a half months after a terrorist attack in Benghazi killed four Americans, including our U.S. ambassador, the pile of deceit, lies and cover-ups from our government continues to build. Complicit in all of this is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She will soon leave the state department and likely begin laying the groundwork to succeed Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Her handling of the Benghazi tragedy should disqualify her from consideration.

Clinton is the overwhelming favorite for Democrats in 2016. Knowing her unquenchable thirst for power, it is a near certainty Clinton will run if she is physically able and thinks she can win. To that end, Mrs. Clinton is doing her best to slip out of her current position as quietly as possible.

Earlier today, Maggie Haberman asked when and whether conservatives would start to hit Hillary again.

Benghazi is looking more and more like the catalyst for a possible anti-Hillary movement.