Monday, December 17, 2012

Julian Castro: Next generation will see a Latino president

Democratic San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, a guy who's named has been thrown around as a darkhorse for 2016, is confident that the U.S. will get there.

Q: Today there are more Latinos than African-Americans in the United States. African-Americans have their first President. When will Latinos get theirs?

A: It's by no means a competition to see who gets there first. But I'm confident that with all the progress that the United States has made, people from many different backgrounds will become Presidents in my lifetime.

So I do believe that within the next generation there will be a Latino president, and it will be someone who represents everyone, who is an American president, not a Latino president.

Read the rest of the interview... like Obama, circa 2008, he strenuously avoids partisan language or any whiff of playing the ethnic card.

In fact, he even points out that he's not great at speaking Spanish:

"I still need to improve my Spanish, actually! I understand it better than I speak it."