Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kasich approval jumps

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Ohio Gov. John Kasich scoring a 42%/35% approval rating in his state -- a dramatic turnaround from his lows in 2011 (he reached -16% in one Quinnipiac survey).

Oddly enough, though, only 36% think he deserves a second term., while 43% don't.

That's surprising considering that 58% are "somewhat" or "very" satisfied with Ohio's direction.

Key numbers:

a. Indies approve of Kasich by +5%, Democrats by -36%, and Republicans by +59%.

b. Men, women, and whites approve of him. Blacks don't.

c. Every age group gives him a thumbs up.

d. Naturally, Republicans think he should be reelected and Democrats don't.

But only 33% of indies think he should be reelected.

e. Kasich seems to have a policy problem. Only 38% say they agree with or like his policies, while 43% don't.

Kasich was a pariah during his first term, but in the wake of Ohio's relative turnaround and Romney's failure to carry the state, some have wondered whether Kasich might, perhaps, make a 2016 bid.

Those reelect numbers suggest he might not do too great in his homestate, but a better gauge will come when he's up for reelection in 2014.