Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Martinez open to backing out of health care exchange

Unlike some other Republican governors, NM Gov. Susana Martinez has indicated her state will set up health care exchanges, but on Fox News last night she also left some wiggle room on the ObamaCare provision.

"We're moving in that direction [setting them up], but we're also still negotiating with the federal government, and we're negotiating for flexibility, we're negotiating for what is best for New Mexicans instead of the one-size-fits-all that's coming from Washington D.C.

....We've asked many questions of the president, we're hoping for answers, it's been several months that we've been asking these questions and haven't received responses.

But if, at the end of the day, the responses are not what benefit New Mexicans, we can still always go and allow the federal government to go and push forward those exchanges."