Thursday, December 13, 2012

McAuliffe campaign promises to "put aside divisive social issues"

From Shushannah Walshe's look at the looming, probable battle between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia's governorship (emphasis added):

[McAuliffe] Campaign co-chair and Virginia state senator A. Donald McEachin said it's "incumbent on our side" to point out their opponent's views on the social issues, but stressed they can't rely just on that tactic.

He said the campaign is "prepared to put aside divisive social issues and focus on jobs, focus on the economy."

"Ken Cuccinelli is no fool," McEachin said. "He's intelligent and articulate. We have to take him seriously. We can't just sit around and say, 'He's crazy, he can't get elected.'"

Will the McAuliffe campaign truly "put aside divisive social issues and focus on jobs", as McEachin promises? I mean, they are running against Ken Cuccinelli, don't they know?