Tuesday, December 11, 2012

McDonnell seems more interested in running for president than Senate

The Virginian Pilot reports:

Entering his final year in office, Gov. Bob McDonnell isn't yet ready to say what his political future might hold, though his preference for government's executive authority may hint he's more inclined for a 2016 presidential bid if he runs again.

"I've enjoyed both, but obviously the ability to get stuff done and affect change is superior in the executive branch," McDonnell responded said Monday when asked whether he's more comfortable in the legislative or executive branch.

"In this branch it takes just one vote to get a lot of things done," added the governor, a former Virginia Beach legislator, during an interview in his Richmond office. "And I know that person, and that make it easier to get that done."

McDonnell is termed out in '13, and for a time, there was speculation that uber-popular Sen. Mark Warner might run for governor.

In that case, the two might have swapped positions with McDonnell running to win Warner's open Senate seat.

There's little doubt that Warner and McDonnell would have won both those races, but Warner decided against a gubernatorial bid recently, limiting McDonnell's options.

Now, McDonnell can either run against Warner for Senate in 2014 (very, very tall task) or run for president.

He seems more inclined to do the latter.