Friday, December 7, 2012

Oracle CEO made last-minute donation to Romney Super PAC

The Huffington Post notes that Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison -- one of the wealthiest guys in the world -- gave the pro-Romney Super PAC, Restore Our Future, $3 million in the closing 14 days of the campaign.

What makes that more interesting?

He hadn't given a dime to any Super PAC for nearly two years.

Btw, while we're on it, Ellison recently explained to CNBC his $4 billion personal line of credit.

“I’ve got a line of credit just in case I go shopping and something catches my eye,” he said.

What could catch his eye that could cost billions?

“Well, if I wanted to buy the Los Angeles Lakers,” he said. “I could go buy the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Silicon Valley is heavily Democratic -- from top to bottom -- but Ellison's spread the pecuniary love relatively equally between Republicans and Democrats, in the past.

Business Insider has a nice breakdown of political donations from hipster, tech titans here.

[Photo: Ilan Costica]