Friday, December 28, 2012

Rubio regularly calls Dolphins GM

I'm a bit late to this, but if you're interested in Marco Rubio and football, let it be known that they're very interested in each other, as Mark Leibovich writes:

After his pregame visit with Coach Shula, Rubio picks up a conversation he was having on the field with the Dolphins’ general manager, Jeff Ireland. Rubio will occasionally call Ireland to discuss vital matters of policy, like whether the team should draft a wide receiver.

“I can be scouting at Alabama, and he’ll be on the phone, like, ‘O.K., they’ve got this guy and that guy and whatever,’ ” Ireland tells me. “And I know he’s not Googling it up, because it’s immediate.”

I ask Rubio if he would switch jobs with Ireland if given the chance. Yes, he says instantly.

“Not me,” Ireland says, just as instantly.

And if Rubio tries to burnish his regular Joe credentials by chatting football in 2016, it's clear he won't have a "varmints" moment.

But Rubio, 41, is legitimate, a serious fan who not only can name the Dolphins’ long snapper (John Denny) but can also tell you that an N.F.L. long-snapper must get the ball to the holder in seven-tenths of a second.

Speaking of "varmints", time doesn't make this clip any less painful.