Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Schweitzer on lobbyists

Outgoing Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D), a possible presidential candidate, looks back at his relationship with lobbyists while talking with The Billings Gazette.

“They don’t even come around. I don’t drink their whiskey. I don’t eat their food. I don’t take any PAC (political action committee) money. We’re not popular with them. They’ll be happy to see us go.

I’ve never been particularly interested in somebody’s opinion when they’ve been paid to have that opinion. That’s not their opinion. That’s the opinion of corporate headquarters that told them this is what we want to get done. …

And I’ll tell you what. It doesn’t worry me a damn bit that these lobbyists are glad to see me go. And I never built a relationship with them, and I’m proud of that."