Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Steven Spielberg: Christie is one of my heroes

Chris Christie's approval rating keeps going up, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Gov. Chris Christie was a hero for me.

He was able to put party politics aside for the greater good. And the fact that he would, right at the end of the election cycle, tell the truth about his gratitude — he was my hero."

Btw, Christie's fav rating is getting perilously close to that point where Dems almost like him as much as Republicans -- no joke.

In Farleigh Dickinson's national survey this week, Christie's fav rating with Republicans was +41% and with Democrats +30%.

That's a slim gap of 11 percentage points.

Compare that with Bobby Jindal who was at +60% with Republicans and -30% with Democrats, and Marco Rubio who was at +69% with Republicans and -30% with Democrats, and you can see just how remarkably small Christie's gap is.

That's not to say there should be a huge gap for a candidate, but ever since his Obama snuggle, Christie has seen a dip in his favorable ratings with Republicans, and drifting into McCain-land, circa 2000, isn't going to be helpful for him in a '16 primary -- no matter how the press would lionize him.

Yes, first things first -- he needs to win his reelection. But at some point, he's going to have to start rubbing Spielberg the wrong way to get the GOP base back in his pocket.

It's just something for him to keep an eye on.

[Hat tip: Caitlin McDevitt]