Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Susana Martinez wants better flow of information in background checks

In a prepared statement to the Albuquerque Journal, NM Gov. Susana Martinez (R) promises action but offers little in the way of specifics (emphasis added).

"There are some individuals who should never have access to firearms, like criminals and the mentally ill.... In reviewing our state statutes, I will pursue legislation this session to make clear that the state must accurately and promptly provide information on people who have been found mentally ill by a court, or who have been involuntarily committed to an institution,” the governor said.

....  She said a push is needed to ensure national criminal databases have updated information regarding an individual’s mental health status that would be flagged in federal background checks before some gun sales.

This isn't about banning the manufacture of semi-automatic assault weapons or applying more restrictions on what can and can't be sold.

Rather, it's an effort to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals through greater transparency, but those transparent means aren't necessarily new. That doesn't mean it's not practically significant -- it would be -- it just means it's not a philosophical concession.

Martinez, btw, is a strong advocate for gun rights -- as you might guess from this famous video showing her re-qualify for her concealed carry permit.