Thursday, December 27, 2012

Underwhelming expectations for Obama's second term

Considering Barack Obama's job approval ratings have been very strong, post-election, these new numbers from CNN are somewhat underwhelming.

Only 46% of Americans think his second term will be better than his first -- short of the 51% he picked up in the popular vote.

33% say it'll be more of the same, while 22% think he'll do worse.

There's a familiar gap between ideology with Dems likely to think he'll do better in his second term, while Republicans think he'll do worse. 40% of independents say he'll do better.

Speaking of his strong approval numbers, the most recent Gallup poll gave him a 57%/37% approval rating for +20%, and his RCP average currently stands at +12%.

[Photo: White House, Pete Souza]